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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gary Bigeni Resort 18 Collection....

Written by Nicole Oraha
Gary Bigeni, known for his masterful drape, sophisticated silhouettes and use of beautiful colours, was a show really looked forward to attending, and I can say it definitely did not disappoint.

The room was set out so that everyone had a front row experience. It's space was open and the lighting was bright, creating a clean and relaxed vibe. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, right next to where the models walked out from – with Vogue Australia’s team next to me and Nadia Fairfax across. I was amazed by the looks that came out on the runway, with each look passing by better than the first. It was current, chic and minimalist. The collection comprised of bold hues including blues and yellows and eye catching polka-dot prints. He used light and flowy fabrics to create an effortless look, as well as more structured fabrics to create those sophisticated silhouettes. 

The collection was carefully constructed, paying extra attention to drape, lines and shapes. Gary actually graduated from FBI Fashion College, where I am currently studying, so it makes me proud to see and be able to support graduates from my college.  Gary’s success motivates me and inspires me to keep doing what I love.

The fashion crowd showed their support as Gary came out and thanked everyone for coming with their applause and cheers. I would have to say this was one of my favourite shows as each look was different but fitted perfectly with the collection, without looking too forced.
Gary Bigeni- you genius!

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