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Monday, June 12, 2017


Written by Ariana Pezeshki

Fierceness, power, intrigue are words that all come to mind when I look back on the Justin Cassin Resort 18 Collection. The striking menswear collection was full of dark grays, blacks, blues and muted tones. The models walked with power and meaning down the runway, complimented by rock music playing in the background all added to the atmosphere of the show.

Well known Australian Model Jordan Barrett kicked off the show hopping on a plane to Sydney specifically to open the show, and rumored to be paid 100K to open the show! (Cray) 

Justin Cassin's garments are designed to to showcase style for the everyday man with comfort and attention to quality displaying workmanship, and strong style. The oversized pieces added to the bold attitude of the show. The fusion of both street style and classic menswear was perfectly displayed with the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary fashion.

I know if I saw a man walking down the street in Cassin's sophisticated street style that doubles for luxurious style, my eyes would be all over him. His style makes it effortless for men to wear the garments through the work week, and for a prestigious dinner out. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bianca Spender Resort 18 Collection....

Written by Ariana Pezeshki

Australian designer, Bianca Spender, daughter of design legend Carla Zampatti's collection was inspired by Japanese Kimonos. The show was far from a traditional set up. With more than a single runway, models showcased the Resort 2018 collection with the room filled to capacity. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the Bianca Spender collection! I can't blame them, with beautiful chartreuse dresses, slip dresses, accented ruffles, Spencer's fluidity to her styles  gave me pause watching the models strut down the double isle runway. There was a balance of business suit attire, but the juxtaposition of flowy dresses and ruffles went well in the mix.



Saturday, June 10, 2017

Roopa Pemmaraju Resort 18 Collection

Written by: Ariana Pezeshki

Simply colorful, delicate, beautiful pieces were shown down the runway at Roopa Pemmaraju's show. The atmosphere was electrifying. Beautiful traditional colors showcasing the Indian cultural, while traditional music accompanied the models down the runway. Resort 18 was full of vivid oranges, reds, pinks. Oversized sunnies and earnings complimented the model's look. The summertime vibe in the room made the audience forget winter in Sydney just started. I was ready to bathe in tanning oil and hit the beach in one of these stunning dresses.

The stunning floral embellishments and prints on the collection left the audience gasping for more. I was so sad to see the collection come to an end, but the final walk was breathtaking. Flowing pieces, color, and florals one after the other. I couldn't keep my eyes away. 

Steven Khalil Resort 18 Collection....

Written by Nicole Oraha

Fashion week came and went by so quickly, giving me the opportunity to watch shows of some of my favourite designersIt’s hard to imagine that I once again I had a fortunate experience of getting invited to a Steven Khalil show. 

He celebrated his 20th anniversary this year during MBFWA, showcasing a couture collection- one I will never forget.

When I walked into the venue, I was stunned by how amazing it was all set out. There was a staircase decorated with florals and a centre display with mesmerizing chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The room shown with pink and purple lights, truly setting the scene - almost felt like I was at a luxurious Hollywood event. The seats where placed all around the room, making sure that every attendee had a great view of the runway.

Models walked down the stairs in breathtaking signature gowns with heavily beading and sequins. Colours seen on the runway included gold, silver, red, purple and green. He used sheer, lightweight and silky fabrics in his collection. He stayed true to the brand by incorporating sparkling elements and intricate details in his collection, as that’s what he’s renowned for. My favourite moment was when the last look came out – a gorgeous ball-gown silhouette bridal dress, causing the audience to gasp in awe.

Steven Khalil makes women feel glamourous and feminine with his unique creations, something that I have always admired. I feel honoured to be a part of a show as such, witnessing remarkable designs by an influential Australian designer.  

Gary Bigeni Resort 18 Collection....

Written by Nicole Oraha
Gary Bigeni, known for his masterful drape, sophisticated silhouettes and use of beautiful colours, was a show really looked forward to attending, and I can say it definitely did not disappoint.

The room was set out so that everyone had a front row experience. It's space was open and the lighting was bright, creating a clean and relaxed vibe. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, right next to where the models walked out from – with Vogue Australia’s team next to me and Nadia Fairfax across. I was amazed by the looks that came out on the runway, with each look passing by better than the first. It was current, chic and minimalist. The collection comprised of bold hues including blues and yellows and eye catching polka-dot prints. He used light and flowy fabrics to create an effortless look, as well as more structured fabrics to create those sophisticated silhouettes. 

The collection was carefully constructed, paying extra attention to drape, lines and shapes. Gary actually graduated from FBI Fashion College, where I am currently studying, so it makes me proud to see and be able to support graduates from my college.  Gary’s success motivates me and inspires me to keep doing what I love.

The fashion crowd showed their support as Gary came out and thanked everyone for coming with their applause and cheers. I would have to say this was one of my favourite shows as each look was different but fitted perfectly with the collection, without looking too forced.
Gary Bigeni- you genius!

Strateas Carlucci Resort Collection 2018

Written by: Nicole Oraha
Peter Strateas Carlucci and Mario-Luca Carlucci, creative directors behind Strateas Carlucci, are known for their creative minds and unique concepts when it comes to designing a new collection- and after being at their 2018 resort collection show, I couldn’t agree more.

This show was different from the others, with the set design standing out from other shows I watched- creating a memorable experience. The runway had white lit up poles all the way down where the models walked through. The lighting was intense creating anticipation for the show to start.

The collection had both male and female clothing, both fitting together very well. The brand focuses on creating unified collections that is not driven by gender – and that’s exactly what they did. The collection had well-constructed tailored suits and sportswear elements. The suits had bold yellow check prints, creating that 90s vibe, totally reminding me of clueless. I saw loose silhouettes, bulky pants and dramatic colours and prints. My favourite colours included bold purple and red. There was a lot of velvet textures used within the collection.

Another highlight of the show for me was the row of A-listers sitting across from me. There was Jordan Barret, Sara Donaldson, Vogue Australia’s editor-in-chief and fashion director Edwina McCann and Christine Centenera.

The collection showcased was inspiring, creating wearable clothing for both genders. It gave me ideas to play around with different colours and prints when dressing and to not be afraid to wear clothes that are thought to be more ‘masculine’.