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Friday, October 18, 2013


Guilaine K. Omanda she's working it!

Happy Friday! A couple weeks ago, I hosted an event with Rene Kauder 'Style Makes Me Happy Hour'. This event Premiered Stella & Dot Fall 2013 Collection. We found a place in Chevy Chase, MD called Nival Salon & Spa perfect place to have a jewelry party! The line was filled with lots of bold colors that I adore including reds, pinks, blues, greys, browns...oh yeah and cheetah! What I love about this line and Stella & Dot, they continue to have pieces that caters for any women. 

 I love hosting with Rene, she gave me the freedom to try on all the necklaces..so many options. She's a great stylist that works with you to accommodate your needs and steps in to show the attendees what jewelry works for their style. If your interested in hosting a Stella & Dot event with Rene Kauder don't hesitate by stopping by her page by clicking here

I bought this red stone necklace, I love the detail and the red pops on any outfit you wear with this necklace. I made sure I had food, pink moscato my favorite, and crumb cupcakes. I got the chance to meet Guilaine K. Omanda, she works over at Minnianda where she's killing it as a fashion stylist some of her work has even been in Refinery29. All in all I had good time meeting and networking with fashion lovers like myself! 

You can get enough of Stella & Dot here's the shopping link for some lovely sparkle at Stella & Dot !
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Happy Wednesday! I hope your having a nice week so far! I went to Fashion360 Conference a couple weeks ago. This one day event had influential fashion industry experts at the conference as panelist.The conference was packed with information and allowed the attendees to be broken into different groups and the panelists were asked Q&A questions from the attendees. The two groups I choose to attend were Business of Fashion Design Breakout Session and Business of Styling Breakout Session.

In the beginning of the conference was motivational speaker and Founder and Executive Director of Ladies America Lindsey Mask. Her advice to us were topics that included  Personal Branding , Your Brand Plan, and Six P's of building your brand. The main thing that stood out was allow yourself to make accessible goals that your able to achieve. Identify your passion and to take into account of what your doing or what you need to change that's not working. It's important to network you'll meet people that will help you through your success. Also, feel empowered and ask questions...Always remember to be bold and speak up!
Q&A for all the panelist for the Fashion 360 Conference.

Mariah over at StyleProofs & Star over at Stars Fashion Addiction

(From Clockwise : Ebong Eka, Melissa McGraw, Uyen Tang, Mariessa Terrell, Kelechi Kalu )

For the breakout session for Fashion Design the panelists consisted of Q&A questions such as 
Q; How Finances fail in fashion?
A: Make something that values your time. Taking into account  of how much the value of your product is worth. Set the right price that values your actual products/services. Treat fashion as a business and all the areas that you need to focus for your product.
Q: Do you think that you need a investors or sponsors?
A: You have to show and bring to the table that one will believe in you to invest. Also, test your product with others you know who own a business. This way they can give you an effective feedback.

Q: What is your brand name in one sentence?
A: Make a memorable design that no one will forget.  
Items in our goody bag for attending the fashion360 Conference.
(From Clockwise: Chris Hogan, Joey Wolffer, Naina Singla, and Belle)
Latin_e covered the fashion 360 conference, did a fabulous job (oh yeah that's me on the right paying close attention!) These panelist were very entertaining, but they kept it real. You have to do what your passionate about. Joey Wolffer started her business by driving around her fashion mobile truck. Now she tours the world to different cities to sell timeless and wearable pieces. The key to her success is her keen sense of style and the unique way of running her business. Lastly, the Off the Cuff Founder and Editor in Chief Chris Hogan. He understands what men style is to be. He has achieved that with his own personal style, which has allowed him to make pieces that can set the average man apart. He dressed so cool at the conference only he can pull off 'Off The Cuff' look! 

Cameron Silver star of Bravo show Dukes of Melrose and Keynote speaker for the Conference. Also, Cameron Silver- Owner of a luxury vintage boutique located in Los Angeles, California.He's well-known for his runway trends from New York and Paris that have appeared on the Red Carpet. Most definitely has an eye for fashion, sought out person to dress A-list celebrities, which has made him to be a household name. He gave us some insight on how he started it wasn't easy with only a few people by his side. His drive, charisma made him go after his dream!


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Thursday, October 10, 2013


On the right: Maisie owner of Maisie Dunbar Spa & Lounge
Maisie make-up artist putting on day-time look for going to work or doing some errands.
She wanted me to put on the make-up myself, I think I did a good job.
Janelle wanted a night time look, she added more bold colors that really stands out. She's so ready to party!

I love all the fresh colors
The make-up is such a reasonable price, but works for any skin color.
We had an array of food from cheese & crackers, kenyan tea (similar to Chai tea), spicy meat samosas, @asdesserts fresh cupcakes 

I'm trying to get Janelle and my friends to laugh....their so silly!
Maisie wall of accomplishments working with many celebrities and very involved within the community by participating in many charity work.

Janelle is taking her goody bag that I made for all the attendees.

 Happy Thursday! I hope your getting ready for the three-day weekend! A couple weeks ago, I had the chance of going to Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge in downtown Silver Spring, MD. If you like hospitality, this lounge is for you, it has all the services from eye-brow waxing, manicures, eye-lashing, make-up from Maisie own line Bluffajo and more services!

I love Maisie, she has worked with a lot of celebrities, but she doesn't brag which makes her a humble and credible business woman. She gave me so much insight about starting a business that there will be struggles, but if your strong you'll overcome and once you start your dreams never give up. You'll eventually get where you should. Definitely stop by Maisie Dunbar you'll have a wonderful experience!

Follow Maisie on Twitter @maisiedunbar
You want to shop maisie make-up line click  here

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