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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Happy Thursday! This is a new kind of blog with collaborations of fashion blogs from the DMV Fashion Bloggers Group! Stay tuned each month, this blogger group will post fun, fashion, and hanging out events so you can follow us along on this fashion journey!

Last weekend, I hosted an event called 'Bloggers Who Brunch', where we eat at La Madeleine's for our DMV Fashion Bloggers Group!

It consisted of fashion talk, laughs about 2 truths and 1 lie, and to top it off a photo shoot! We had such a good time! I got to meet 5 new bloggers friends from the DMV...

Meet Nikki!

Say Hello to Nikki, she blogs over at Dream In Neon . She is cute with an edgy, whimsical appeal.  As a graphic designer, I see how she uses her eye for art to put her outfits together!

Meet Star! 

Say hello to Star, she blogs over at Stars Fashion Addiction .  She is fun, loving that infuses style and she's finishing up her degree at The Art Institute of Washington, very talented, and she aspires to be a  fashion designer! Just look at her portfolio

Meet Mariah! 

Say Hello to Mariah, she blog over at Styleproofs . She brings such a classy, sophisticated, and colorful vibe to her style. Mariah is working towards a Bachelor's degree and she still has time to put amazing outfits together!

Meet Chi!
Say hello to Chi, she blogs over at Fashionmatics. Her approach to fashion is to create looks like math equations. She says, "It all depends on how many outfits you can create like a math problem"

Meet Beth!  

Say hello to Beth, she blogs over at Girl Got Glitter .  She is lawyer by day and fashion blogger by night.  She is fun and witty with a creative mind for fashion. She has what it takes to be an aspiring professional fashion blogger!

Of course, I can't forget about myself, I'm Akinyi, I blog over at fitsonme, my style is simple, fun, and classy. I'm still learning as a blogger and I know when I'm done working with my 9-5, I will be thrilled to work in the fashion industry!

Check in next week for photo shoot photos! See you next time!


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