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Monday, March 20, 2017




Written by Brene Ashley

Showing her 16th line, titled Hallow, at this year’s F/W 17 collection, Katie Gallagher, says Halloween is where she found inspiration. Using only two colors throughout her total 20-piece collection, what you may think was a limitation hatched a very unique line. The bright orange contrasting with the dark black, the structured lines of the garments that contrasted with the femininity of the sheer tops successfully communicated the “really strong woman” that Gallagher says was the woman the collection is designed for and inspired by. Her use of contrasts, her creativity, and her purposefulness in expression of such a strong message was artfully appreciated.  
Sunday, March 19, 2017


Photos by: Akinyi Ragwar

 Written by Brene Ashley & Zaneta Hardy

Romeo Hunte FW 17 collection, a contemporary brand that focus on outwear. This line had an recurring theme of streetwear that can appeal to many people in street fashion worldwide. Honestly, I totally can see a lot of influencers and bloggers wearing his brand. He was strong on playing with the textures especially the color blocking. Taking a simple blue trouser pant adding a color blocking dark blue at the bottom, gives it such a dramatic feel. Won't it look nice with a white-buttoned up work shirt and black pumps!?!?

This collection had a lot plaid paired with vibrant colors. Dressing up your puffy jacket with more of a polished look. There's a lot of men influenced within this collection with makes such a universal line. I have to say Romeo Hunte appealed to both women and men in this collection...I would wear a lot of these pieces!!!  


Photos provided by Anatasia Ivanova PR Team

Written by Brene' Ashley & Zaneta Hardy

The new collection of Anastasiia Ivanova was inspired by the story of a real woman. That women can be themselves with having love, freedom, and independence. Anatasia Ivanova dresses shows elegance & sophistication with each woman wearing her dresses in their own way....but with confidence.

For the inspiration of this collection was based on outer & inner beauty. FACT: "We as women have to love ourselves", most of the time a garment & fabric can impact how you feel. You put on a piece it gives you that ultimate confidence and it gives you life. These designs are cut to emphasize a womens' figure and fits in that places that outlines the hip. Anatasia Ivanova dresses shows that stop and stare by being in complete amazement of how well crafted these designs are made.

Chiffon was recurring theme in this collection, with many delicate fabrics that had a whimsical appeal. If you went to Anatasia Ivanova fashion show you would feel  that each piece had a story.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Photos provided by Akinyi Ragwar

Happy Thursday, I went to fashion week last September I was able to attend Nolcha Fashion Show. It was many designers with unique and sophisticated pieces. Here's a glimpse of the Nolcha Fashion Show! Enjoy!

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